A meeting was held in regards to thanksgiving on social media in the presence of Ms. Johari, an engineer and family teacher.

At the beginning of her speech, Ms. Johari stressed the importance of recognising personal possessions and Godly blessings and added: “we must train our minds to see blessings such as health, the existence of loved ones, where we live, the food on the table, innate talents, presence of a solid job, and so on”.

She went on to point out the effects and consequences of gratitude in human life and said that: “the first effect of gratitude on human life is to create a sense of peace, satisfaction and happiness”.

Ms. Johari went on further mentioning that providing positive feedback to loved ones and appreciating them is counted as the second consequence of gratitude and being thankful strengthens and warms the relationship between the individual and those around you.

She considered adaptability and adaptation to the conditions as another fruit of gratitude and emphasised that this allows us to make the best use of our resources.

According to Ms. Johari, when we know the value of our blessings, we put aside negative perfectionism and according to the existing conditions, we will take the best necessary measures.

Positive thinking in critical situations as well as self-friendship is the other positive result of gratitude which was mentioned by Ms Johari; and in the end concluded by saying: “thanksgiving will change people's attitude towards life and will bring a life full of peace and satisfaction”.