An interview was held between Peivande Gol Narges Charity with the CEO of Alkapood Pardis, Ms. Soda Mohammadzadeh Mahjoub. At the beginning of her speech, Ms. Mahjoub introduced the communication skills without anger or NBC and said: Non-violent communication skills or language of life is a model for communication and consists of four stages.

She continued to outline these steps as: observation, feeling, demand and request. Ms. Dr. Mahjoub went on to describe each of these stages and regarding the observation stage, said: What is meant of Observation is learning to see everything as it is, without misjudgements and personal perceptions. She then also added: the meaning of feeling is to pay attention to the impact of events occurring around us has on our mind And the feeling that it eventually creates in us.

The CEO of Alkapood Pardis continued her speech by explaining the need stage adding: The feeling that is created in us goes back to our needs; For example, if someone is late, we get angry as this disrupts the need for our order.  She stressed in the end that, for a good and healthy relationship, we must first know our own needs and then the needs of the other person, and then finally resolving our problems by creating and raising transparent and workable demands.