An interview was held on social media with Dr. Saljuqian, the founder and chairman of the board of directors of Peivande Gole Narges charity institute.

At the beginning of her speech, Dr. Saljuqian explained the history of the establishment of Peivande Gole Narges Charity institute and in this regard said that: The idea of establishing the institute was formed about 30 years ago with the help of a very sympathetic friend, Ms. Parvin Khodadad Bahman, in order to empower women who are the lead members of households and orphaned girls.

The representative of the institute in the United Nations and a member of the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs, further and regarding the goals of the institute, said: "We have always tried to teach fishing instead of handing over the fish itself, and in this regard, with the help of our dear clients we have taken great steps to provide a platform for job creation and free employment.

She went on to point out the challenges facing the institute during these years and said: "One of the challenges of the institute is related to the form of donations from the esteemed donors who are more willing to donate money than their educational expertise." She emphasised the institute always encourages dear donors to provide educational assistance to lead to the empowerment of our dear clients.

She also mentioned the second challenge of the institute to be the desire of the clients to receive financial and temporary aid, and continued by saying the clients have always been encouraged to acquire skills and employment in their field of expertise.

Regarding the scope of activities of Peivande Gole Narges Charity institute, Dr. Saljuqian said: "the organization has a national license and we have a representative in 6 cities of Karaj, Nowshahr, Gorgan, Mashhad, Isfahan, Zahedan and also in 4 cities around the world."

According to her, in 2015, the institute succeeded in obtaining an advisory position from the United Nations and the representatives of the institute have participated twice in the Geneva Human Rights Council.

The chairman of the board of directors of Peivande Gole Narges charity institute, noting that the organisation has once been an active member of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York, further added that Peivande Gole Narges Charity institute is also a member of the International Organization of Women Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Saljuqian continued her speech and in response to the question whether new changes have been formed in the institute, said due to the current issues of the society, changes have been made in the goals of the institute and with the presence of the young director of the institute, the steps of activities have been changed from traditional to systematic. Also, with the use of social media an attempt has been made to develop and launch new plans on a daily basis.

She also went on to emphasize that in recent years, life skills training has become more prominent with very strong psychological training functions such as child rearing skills, anger management, decision making skills… We take great action to relieve the emotional pain of the clients.

This member of the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs, regarding interaction with other charities, said: "We have constructive interactions with charities born in the Kaaba, Hal Ati, Bani Adam (based in London), neighborhood partners, the Women's Cultural Association, and Al Hassani Charity."

Amongst the activities of the institute during the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Saljuqian mentioned the distribution of the goods basket and the provision of food to Corona patients; and continued further saying: “The institute suggests that instead of sending expensive bouquets for survivors and families of the deceased, the dear benefactors should participate in the plan of donating a condolence plaque and a permanent flower branch, because the cost will be donated to the needy in the form of Gharz al-Hasna fund and this way it will also remain for the deceased as the remnants of the righteous”.

At the end she addressed the dear benefactors, by saying: "By producing quince tea and some other measures, we have taken steps towards financial self-sufficiency, but we are still a long way from being fully financial self-sufficient."