The instinct and atonement collected in the year 1998 was spent on buying stoves, air conditioners and solving the problems of the institute's clients.


With God's help, the amount of thirteen million, four hundred and twenty thousand tomans was collected for fitra, from which:

  • Two million tomans went towards a prosthetic leg amputation for a nineteen-year-old,
  • one million and five hundred tomans for buying an orphan family air conditioner,
  • one million tomans for a young lady's hearing aid,
  • one million tomans for a loan,
  • one million tomans for a mortgage,
  • five hundred tomans for buying a kidney for a 12-year-old boy,
  • five hundred tomans for a family that has an ill patient,
  • five hundred tomans for a person whose wife is in prison and a daughter suffering from cancer, five hundred tomans given to a representative for a family in need in Mashhad,
  • five hundred tomans for a family with a sick person,
  • Four hundred tomans to buy a woman's stove that had caught fire due to a gas problem,

The remaining four million and twenty thousand tomans from the amount of one hundred tomans to three hundred tomans were donated to 12 clients of the Peivande Gole Narges charity institute.


The amount of atonement donation is one million eight hundred and eighty-four thousand tomans, of which eight hundred and fifty-five tomans, the price of bread was given to the charity Mawlude Kaaba, three hundred tomans the amount of bread to Gole Narges Clients and seven hundred and twenty-nine tomans equivalent to one hundred pasta was donated to the dear help-seekers.