An educational dialogue was held on social media with a business theme and the presence of Doctor Majid Nouri, who is one of the top branding and business development consultants.

At the beginning of his speech, Dr. Majid Nouri described the SWOT matrix and emphasised: after the formation of the initial raw idea, identifying the four basic factors, which includes strengths, weaknesses, understanding the market potential and recognizing threats, is of great importance.

While emphasising on the importance of knowing the threats and opportunities encountered with a new startup business he added: “by knowing the existential philosophy and purpose of the business it will help you offer a more specialised product”. 

According to Doctor Majid Nouri, marketing research has been very important and can help in having an accurate knowledge of the target community.

He then continued by saying: “in order to grow your business go forward with the modern knowledge and technology by using the online space and innovations and also, be careful not to fall into the trap of optimistic or even pessimistic biases”.

He then referred to the training of sales staff in order to preserve the values of the business and mentioned that proper treatment and communication of sales staff is of utmost importance.

He emphasised on making the business unique and added on this further saying: “by instilling a sense of self-expression or even creating emotional and social benefits for the audience you can make your business unique”.

Doctor Majid Nouri concluded by saying start-ups should try to build a brand and an identity for their organisation.

He mentioned 6 characteristics for a good branding, which includes:  “Symbolic charm, intelligence and innovation charm, emotional charm, social charm and proper communication with the audience, personality charm and finally moral charm”.

It is worth noting that these conversations are held continuously on social media and the time of their broadcast will be announced on the Telegram channel of the charity institute.