A discussion was held with Doctor Ghodrati who is a consultant in communication and personal growth to improve the level of our mother’s knowledge in relation to dealing with their youths challenges.

This discussion was held on Instagram as an IG live. Doctor Mahdi Ghodrati while emphasising on the sensitivities in adolescence, mentioned the importance of a role model for the youth’s personality growth and added: “mothers and fathers have a very important responsibility as being the main role models”. 

For a successful relationship with our children we must learn how to become parents and practice those learnings.

Doctor Ghodrati continued to dissect the difference between 'to train' and 'be trained' and added: when intending ‘to train’ you are in fact dismissing the talents and potentials of the individual and only imposing your demands on them, whereas ‘to be trained’ presents the necessary awareness and teachings to the child and allows them to use their decision making authority in those teachings.

While emphasising on the difference between forbidding’s and teachings he continued saying by increasing the level of our sympathy with the youth and our patience as parents we can induce the correct objectives to the individual. 

Doctor Ghodrati emphasised that teaching without patience does not yield good results.

He continued by sharing the main challenges of adolescence to be parental disputes, school difficulties and identity crisis, whereby he said: “reduce the adolescent’s marginal concerns and while choosing a suitable school help them to recognise their present and future identity better”.

Doctor Ghodrati concluded for strengthening your family institution, the importance of having a relationship with your youth should be respected and cherished.